The Video Plant is a tool. The Video Plant is a factory. The Video Plant is a flower. The Video Plant is a weapon. The Video Plant is food. The Video Plant is simple social media.

The Video Plant is social media video content for people who are too busy doing what they do to worry about promoting themselves. It’s for those, who like us, were tired of spending hours crafting the absolutely perfect piece of content only for it to be ignored by Facebook’s algorithms and go unseen by our followers.

Social media is a beast that demands to be fed content. Constantly. It needs videos, hashtags, post after post after post. And unless you have a full-time content creator with video and motion graphic experience, a knack for social media and an editing computer; it can feel impossible to keep up. It certainly was for us.

So that’s where The Video Plant came in. We create professional quality, engaging videos built around your logo and automatically post them to your social feeds. You can add in your own caption and hashtags, or let them post as is. Want to change the posting date and time? Go right ahead.

Never miss another holiday or have your followers go several days without hearing from you and seeing your logo. No more stress over creating the absolute perfect piece of content that will engage your followers. Stop worrying about having to constantly keep up. Let The Video Plant feed your social audience, and suddenly you’re free to handle the bigger fish.