The most important (and hardest) part of marketing your business on social media is….perfection or consistency?


No, its not coming up with the perfect hashtag, or the perfect image to use. Its not the perfectly worded caption.

It’s not perfection. It’s consistency. Week after week, month after month, year after year. It’s getting to the point where your followers expect to see your logo. They expect to hear from you. And maintaining that is the hardest part (at least for us).


So don’t worry about being perfect. You’ll never achieve perfection. Social media perfection or consistency? The choice is clear. Just be authentic and real. and of course, consistent.

How are you feeling now?

You’re probably thinking one of two things. 1) You’re relaxed, excited and ready to create. You feel loose from the constraints of having to come up with the “perfect” post, the “perfect” image, and you can just speak freely and authentically to your followers.

Or 2) If you’re anything like me, now you’re really nervous. You’re worried that you’re doomed to a life of cranking out meaningless content day after day, simply to stay in front of your follower’s eyeballs.

If you fall in the first bucket, then go on: use that creativity, that energy. Be real, be truthful, and tell us your story. We truly are excited to hear from you.

The Video Plant

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