Sharing Your Video to a Group

Sharing your video to a group is a great way to get it in front of engaged users who are not following you yet. We’d recommend joining several groups that are relevant to your industry and customer base. Do you run a gym/personal training business? Try the Weekly Moves Workout group. Own a Marketing company? Try the Digital Marketing Tips & Tools group.


Once you’ve joined, you can go ahead and share your video post to the group. To do so, find the piece of content (in this case a video that’s been posted by The Video Plant) that you’d like to share. Make sure your personal account is selected on the right hand side (you can’t share to a group from a page).

Sharing your video to a group. make sure your personal account is selected.

Then hit the “Share” button.

Sharing your video to a group. select "Share"

In the menu, select “Share to a Group”.

Sharing your video to a group.Then select "Share to a Group" in the menu
Sharing your video to a group.

A pop-up will appear and you can add a caption to include with the post. You’ll see a list of your groups, and you can select the desired group to post in.

Sharing your video to a group. Add a caption and select the Group(s) you would like to share to.

In Conclusion…

Be aware before sharing that some groups have guidelines about companies posting, for example (can post on a certain day of the week and with an exclusive offer to the Group). Make sure to adhere to those.

We love the option of sharing your video to a group because they’re filled with users who are likely to be interested and engaged with your content, and many of them will even get a notification when items are posted to the group. This is a great, no-cost way to get your content in front of new eyes, and grow your audience!

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