Day and Time of Post

When you receive a new video from The Video Plant, you can login to the portal and make a few changes. One of these that can maximize engagement is the day and time of the post. You want to make sure that you’re setting your videos to post at a time when the maximum amount of your followers are online.

Facebook’s Metrics

How would you know that? Well luckily, Facebook has a very handy metric for that data. To get insight into when your followers are on Facebook, go to your Facebook business page and click the “Insights” tab on the left-hand side.

how to edit day and time of post - navigating to the insights tab on your business facebook page.

You’ll then see a menu that looks like this. Go ahead and select “Posts” from the left-hand sidebar.

how to edit day and time of post - navigating to the posts tab in facebook insights

Then you’ll see a graph titled “When your Fans are Online” It will look like the one below and on top will be the days of the week. This will show which days your followers are typically online most.

how to edit day and time of post - seeing when fans are online on facebook

Below that will be the times of day and how many of your followers are typically using Facebook at each hour. Use this information to decide the day and time of the post for maximum engagement. For instance, the example graph here indicates that Friday is a good day to post, while 12pm, 2pm, and 5pm are likely the best times of day to have a post scheduled. Do be aware, these numbers can shift as your following grows/behavior changes. So, its always good to check in once in a while and make any necessary adjustments.

Edits in The Video Plant

Now that you know where to get this info, it’s easy to set up your preferred posting time in The Video Plant. Login to your account and once you’re at the dashboard, select the “Edit Post” button on the desired video. Then on the bottom, select the desired day and time of the post to go live to Facebook.

how to edit day and time of post - editing in the video plant portal

Then hit “Save” and you are all set! Now you know exactly how to schedule your videos at an optimal date and time for maximum engagement!