Hashtags are an easy way to “tag” or “categorize” your post so that it can be found and seen by users searching for relevant or similar content. Thus, its straightforward to use hashtags to grow your audience. Unlike Twitter or Instagram where it is often helpful to include as many hashtags as possible; Facebook experts recommend only using 1-3 hashtags in a post, as these show more engagement.

To find relevant industry hashtags; try using one of the following tools. Sistrix, InGramer, All Hashtag Generator

It’s a good technique to diversify the size of the Instagram hashtags that you use. If you only use massively popular hashtags like #fitness or #marketing, there’s a good chance your post will just get lost in the shuffle. So try to mix in some hashtags that are niche or “medium-sized”.

Once you’ve identified a hashtag(s) that you’d like to use, simply include it in the post caption when you edit your video in The Video Plant. Make sure to include the “#” and leave a space between each one, like so: #video #marketing #MondayMotivation).Then, when the video auto posts, the hashtag will be linkable, making sure your content shows up where potential customers are searching for it!

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