The Basics

The Video Plant = videos. Engaging, branded, posted right to your social media feed, yada yada yada. The next question is a very good one: “how do these videos help grow your audience on Facebook?”

The Video Plant was designed to help you put your social media content production and posting on autopilot. And you can certainly do that. Your videos will go up, and the consistency with which they are posted will help increase the percentage of your followers that see them. Facebook has made it clear that it’s algorithms prioritize posts from pages that its users engage with often and have a lot of posts and activity. So, the more videos you post, the more your followers will see them, react to them, and share them: growing your audience organically!

In addition, there are certainly a few ways to use your videos from The Video Plant once they have been posted, to make sure they get in front of more (of the right) eyeballs, and help grow your audience on Facebook!


  1. Share to a Group:
    1. Try sharing your video to a relevant industry group! Groups are exactly what they sound like, Facebook communities of people with a shared interest. Are you a gym owner? Find and join a fitness Group in your area. Do be aware; some groups have guidelines about companies posting, for example (can post on a certain day of the week and with a exclusive offer to the Group). Make sure to adhere to those. To see exactly how to share your video to a group, check out this blog.
  2. Time of Post
    1. In your Video Plant Dashboard, you can edit the day and time your video is scheduled to post. This allows you to make sure your post is going up when the maximum amount of your followers are online. How would I know that? It’s in the Insights tab on your Facebook page. We’ve got more info on identifying your peak time to post here.
  3. Hashtag Research
    1. Hashtag research and implementation is another way to get your videos in front of people who may not be already following you. Hashtags categorize your post with other similar ones and people who are looking for that topic can come across them there. The Video Plant allows you to type in hashtags into post caption, and we’ll even suggest some for each video. For more on hashtags and researching the best ones to use, check here.


Once you’ve implemented those free options, feel free to give paid advertising on Facebook a shot. While it’s not free, the price is entirely customizable, and you can certainly keep costs low.

  • Boosting
    • Boosting a post is the simple process of taking an existing post (like a video from The Video Plant) and paying Facebook a fee to show it to more people. This fee is totally up to you, it can be as low as $1 and you a range of targeting and scheduling options to make sure your video gets in front of the right users. Our recommendations and tutorial on setting up a Boosted post are here.
  • Facebook Ads
    • Creating a Facebook ad is a similar concept to Boosting a post, but it gives you a lot more flexibility in terms of the desired result. Rather than just getting impressions (eyeballs) on your post, you can drive reactions, site visitors, or actual leads. The set-up is a little more complicated, but that’s why we’ve got our helpful tips here.