Getting your marketing plan ready for 2021? Make sure to include social media video.

Simply having a social media account that links back to your website may have been all you needed to do in 2012 from a marketing standpoint. However, in 2021 that’s no longer the case.

Consumers expect your brand to deliver fresh, engaging content, and video continues to be the most efficient and optimal (both for users and algorithms) way to do that.

Beyond that, video has proven to perform best with social media platform’s algorithms, because it holds user’s attention for longer.

A study has shown that users want to see more video content from the business and brands they interact with, and that was even before the COVID-19 era.

During the COVID lockdowns, Facebook saw a 40% increase in usage, with views on their video platform doubling in just one week.

So – it seems to be an optimal time to incorporate video into your social marketing plan. People are spending more time on their phones, meaning more time on their social media feeds, and the platforms themselves are sending the signal that video is the preferred format for their algorithms. It’s clear that social media video continues to grow in popularity

Video doesn’t have to be complex expensive, or overly produced. Authentic, topical content pieces will help you engage with your customers and draw eyeballs, clicks, and eventually dollars. If your video is keeping your brand front and center in your customer’s feeds and in their heads, then it’s doing its job.

Of course, there are many techniques to make sure the video you create and post is reaching the maximum amount of your fans. Check out our resources page, and in particular, our articles on using groups, and the scheduling tool. These are some creative, free ways to make sure your video content is hard at work for you, as hard as you worked to create it!