There are many ways to utilize the videos created with your account at The Video Plant. The obvious and easiest way is to have them auto-posted on your Facebook page. But that’s not the only way to use videos for marketing your business.


When you are notified of your video being ready, sign into The Video Plant portal to include a caption, add hashtags, and schedule your video post for the optimal date and time. Once the video posts, then the real fun begins!

Sharing to a group is a great way to use videos for marketing your page and getting in front of more eyeballs. This will help ensure that the people interacting with the video are the right people for your business.

If you want to really blow-up the reach of your video, try boosting it as a sponsored post, or even creating a Facebook ad out of the video. This is a relatively in-expensive way to very quickly expand your audience, and target your desired customers.

Other Social Media Channels

It’s relatively easy to get your video from The Video Plant playing on your other social media channels; whether that’s Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, or any other! In The Video Plant portal, you have the option to download your video. Once you’ve done that, you can easily upload to your preferred social media scheduling platform, or just publish directly as a post on your other social media channels.

Use Videos for Marketing Emails

A third way we recommend to use videos for marketing would be through email. Once you’ve downloaded your video from The Video Plant, you can include in any marketing emails. Perhaps send out a digital Christmas card to all your clients that includes your branded video from The Video Plant.

Landing Pages or Blog Posts

And lastly (for this article), another way to use videos for your marketing would be on a blog post of landing page. Upload your New Years video to a blog post wishing your customers good luck in 2020. Or, post it on your YouTube page first and embed that video in your blog post or landing page!

Help build your SEO foundation with your already created videos from The Video Plant.

We know there are probably a million more ways to use videos for marketing content and campaigns. What did we miss? Let us know by emailing us at