Instagram has swiftly hopped on TikTok the trend by creating a similar platform on its app, called Reels. Videos like Reels are key to boost Instagram engagement. Video has shown to grasp a longer consumer attention span. Business owners, influencers, and other users have taken advantage by making content for Instagram reels. They make engaging catchy 15-second-max videos. While creating marketing content can require an investment of time and money. But Instagram Reels, both of those factors are minimal. In fact, there are currently no paid advertising options with Reels. Luckily, with Reels trending, it could show up on anyone’s Reels feed.

Here is a tutorial on how to create a reel using your pre-made video clip. To make your own live video, skip to step 6:

Step 1

Open your The Video Plant inbox to select the video. Click “edit.”

Step 2

Click “download.”

Step 3

After your video is downloaded to the camera roll, open Instagram’s “Your Story” button on the upper-left corner. Slide to the “Reels” setting on the bottom of the screen.

Step 4

Select your video clip from the camera roll.


The Reel can be 15 seconds total, so feel free to crop lengthy clips! Multiple clips can be added. There’s lots of room for creativity.

Step 5

Scale the video to fill the screen by clicking on the arrows. Then, click “Add” when the clip is ready.

Step 6

Use your customized The Video Plant video, then follow it with action content of what your business is up to!

For recording a video directly on the app, you can set a 3 or 10-second countdown timer. Use the tools bar to add music, adjust playback speed, apply fun effects, and align the camera for a seamless transition before recording.

Step 7

Finally, share your reel to your Instagram story. for more reach to your followers.

We hope you feel better equipped to create content for Instagram reels. It can be fun, right? Check out The Video Plant Blog for more topics and resources.