You probably know how to share Instagram posts to Facebook and even Twitter. Maybe you also have an Instagram audience to post for. But to automate Facebook posts to Instagram can be more tricky. While The Video Plant currently specializes in posting your video to Facebook, we’re still working on having it automate to Instagram for you. The good news? With Facebook Creator Studio, there are more options to manage Facebook and Instagram posts.

  1. On the top Creator Studio log-in page there is a Facebook and Instagram section. If you already have your Facebook business page, log in with Facebook. If you’re using it just for Instagram, log in with Instagram. Don’t worry- we’ll show you how to connect your Instagram page through your Facebook account in the next easy step.

2. After it’s logged into Facebook with the selected business page (on the home page above the “Home” title), switch over to the Instagram button on the top and “connect your account.”

3. Your accounts are linked- hooray! We’re ready to post. In the Instagram section, click Create Post > Instagram Feed. Scroll down on the posting page. To make an Instagram post that’s shared to Facebook, select “Post to Facebook” after the post is ready. To upload an existing Facebook post to Instagram, click Add Content > From Facebook Page.

Alternate Method

To cross-post at the same time, save your video from The Video Plant. Select both accounts for the post to be published to on either Instagram or Facebook Page. The accounts must be linked.

Do keep in mind, there are still a lot of limitations with posting from Facebook to Instagram. Depending on the type of content, it might be easier to create new posts directly to Instagram. With Creator Studio, you can schedule the Instagram posts in a way you can’t on the app.

To automate personalized videos to your Facebook page, The Video Plant is your friend. If you have not yet signed up, you can begin a free 30-day trial here.