Your logo can be a great asset to help brand awareness! One form of gaining brand awareness is sharing the logo, which is used for brand identity. Much can be told about a brand with a logo. It’s powerful function is to identify a brand. From the colors to design, the logo gives a first impression. A logo that is symbolic and unique is memorable because it connects with the emotions of the individual. Getting the logo seen contributes to brand awareness.

The Importance of Consistently Using the Logo

As much as you get your brand out on social media, that’s how much the followers are familiar with the brand. It takes approximately 6 impressions for people to really remember a brand. It will take more than that for people to connect with your brand. Consistently presenting the company logo will help increase awareness.

The logo is made useful when it is consistently appearing on the feed. Basically, make noise! Seeing the same logo and color pallet will harmonize the different forms of content.

How to Use Your Logo in Content

Integrate the logo into content that is engaging and informative of the problem your brand solves. Video clips are one form of engaging content. It holds the users attention span, resulting in a longer-term memory. To have content that is both engaging and sharing the brand is like killing two birds with one stone. It all serves to make the business attractive and fun.

Key Takeaways

There are lot’s of opportunities throughout the year to make engaging content using your logo, whether it’s with video or graphics. A few ways are to:

  • Make sure the logo design is consistent
  • Get the brand out there by consistently presenting your brand and integrate the logo
  • “decorate” the post with the logo for the current holiday or occasion
  • Here is an example of engaging content using your logo

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