Generating ideas for social media content can be a pain- but we’re here to make it easy.

Creativity doesn’t come easy to everybody. Even if it does, eventually can come “creative fatigue”. Maybe you’re struggling for ideas, or perhaps just struggling to organize those ideas! Anything great comes with thoughtfulness, but there are ways to make it less draining. We’ll get into how to brainstorm, content ideas to get you started, and how to get your posts out there.

Say you have this great idea about a social media post you want to make.. but it gets forgotten and never makes it on the feed. The seemingly obvious, but not always used solution is to create a social media calendar! The planning of the posts is as important as the execution of them. Having a social media plan helps with consistency and last-minute scrambling.

Let’s get those ideas generating!

Be inspired! How to brainstorm..

Getting inspired is easier said than done. Don’t put your mind in a box. Allow space to make connections between the mission of your work and how to engage with people.

As soon as an inspired thought crosses the mind, don’t hesitate to jot it down. Don’t fall into the trap of “I’ll remember!” Write it down even if it feels like a bad idea, you’ll thank yourself later. Then, when there’s time, go back to the idea and develop it, or archive it if it has become clutter.

Think in terms of animation… movement in your posts (aka video) has proven to be more effective than still posts. To learn more about the importance of video in social media today, check out this blog article.

Engage with your followers

Not every post has to be directly about the business’s product or service. For example, if you’re posting about a holiday (discussed further below), a current issue in your community, or a relatable GIF, graphic/comic, or video.

But where the extra creativity can come in is when you tie in an arbitrary topic and relate it to what the business is about. Fill your follower’s feed with content that’s fun, and not constant advertisements.

After clicking “post”, make sure to continue to engage with your followers by replying to comments in a timely, friendly manner.

Give shout-outs

Customers like to know that the business cares for the people that help it be what it is. That helps them know who’s behind the business, and that it’s ethical. Thank employees, wish them happy birthdays, thank sponsors, thank investors!

Use holidays and observances

If your mind is just pulling a blank on topics, a good place to start is the holidays. There’s a holiday for almost every day! From small “International Day of ___” recognitions to seasonal celebrations to national holidays to religious holidays, there’s plenty of categories to hit. Posting for lesser-recognized holidays can be a fun way to bring engagement in the comments, making posts share or save worthy, and share how your business is celebrating.

Turning Ideas into Content

There are several ways to plan posts. One way is to use Facebook Studio to plan and automate posts to your Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re a busy bee keeping up with other demands of your business, we get that. Maybe you don’t have a marketing team and you need a helping hand. Here at The Video Plant, we create and post video content for you. Did we emphasize the importance of including video on your business page enough??

We hope these tips help you and spark some inspiration for content ideas!