Social media is a crucial part of running a business in 2021. It’s a network worth tapping into. All businesses, small and large, can benefit from using it. Posting consistently can be a struggle. Automated posting tools like The Video Plant makes it easy. Here are just three signs that your business needs The Video Plant.

1. You’re spending more time learning about social media than using it

Social media is a powerful tool, and knowing how to use it can optimize the results. However, it’s not useful to research all the time if it’s not being implemented. Automated social media tools like The Video Plant have already done the research for you. Besides the actual content being posted, blog articles condense topics into free comprehensive resources.

2. You don’t have many employees and need efficient methods of managing

Sole proprietorships, or any business with few employees, have plenty of places to delegate their time. As important as social media is, sometimes it doesn’t end up being a priority in the list of operational tasks.

You can reduce effort and maintain consistency by using an automated social media posting tool.

3. Spending time towards managing social media is stressful

If you’re managing a small business like we are, you have to focus a lot of attention on other ends of running the business. Lack of time, resources, and extensive knowledge can lead to it being a source of stress. Or maybe all the platform and scheduling options and hashtags are overwhelming. Automated posting would give one less task to worry about. You can leave it to the experts!

If you resonated with these three reasons, you’re at the right place.

Posting to social media doesn’t have to be stressful!

With engaging videos, The Video Plant offers the following, leaving you free to run your business:

  • automated posting
  • scheduled posting
  • consistent posting
  • free resources