Key Topics

Why Video?

Why Video? Why Video?  You may be worth wondering if video is worth the investment. In this series of articles we aim to demonstrate why

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How to use videos for marketing

There are many ways to utilize the videos created with your account at The Video Plant. The obvious and easiest way is to have them auto-posted on your Facebook page. But that’s not the only way to use videos for marketing your business.

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Video Continues to Grow in Popularity Across Social Media.

Simply having a social media account that links back to your website may have been all you needed to do in 2012 from a marketing standpoint. However, in 2021 that’s no longer the case.
Consumers expect your brand to deliver fresh, engaging content, and video continues to be the most efficient and optimal (both for users and algorithms) way to do that.

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Sharing Your Video to a Group

Sharing your video to a group is a great way to get it in front of engaged users who are not following you yet. We’d recommend joining several groups that are relevant to your industry and customer base.

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