Maximizing your reach, and growing your audience on Facebook: the basics

The Basics The Video Plant = videos. Engaging, branded, posted right to your social media feed, yada yada yada. The next question is a very good one: “how do these videos help grow your audience on Facebook?” The Video Plant was designed to help you put your social media content production and posting on autopilot.…

Day and Time of the Post

Day and Time of Post When you receive a new video from The Video Plant, you can login to the portal and make a few changes. One of these that can maximize engagement is the day and time of the post. You want to make sure that you’re setting your videos to post at a…

Sharing Your Video to a Group

Sharing your video to a group is a great way to get it in front of engaged users who are not following you yet. We’d recommend joining several groups that are relevant to your industry and customer base.

Perfection or Consistency?

The most important (and hardest) part of marketing your business on social media is….perfection or consistency?

What is The Video Plant? Simple Social Media.

The Video Plant is a tool. The Video Plant is a factory. The Video Plant is a flower. The Video Plant is a weapon. The Video Plant is food. The Video Plant is simple social media. The Video Plant is social media video content for people who are too busy doing what they do to…