How does the software work?

All you need to get started is to upload your logo and sync your Facebook account. From there, we’ll use your logo to create unique, branded videos (two per week), optimized for your social media page.

At least two business days before your video posts, you will receive an email preview that includes your video, as well as suggested post captions, hashtags, and a scheduled day/time. If you’d like to make a few changes to the caption, or prevent a video from posting to your feed, then click into your account and do so in just a few clicks!

Then there’s nothing to do but sit back and watch your videos post at the scheduled day and time. 

How much does it cost?

You start off with a FREE 30-day trial – No Credit Card required. After the trial, you can select to be billed monthly ($19.99/month) or annually ($219.99/year).

How do I find support?

Contact our customer support line with the “help” button on your dashboard page.

How do I provide feedback?

If you have additional feedback that you’d like to provide, please contact alex@thevideoplant.com